Overview of the past several weeks

Hail Pak!

Pak’Cafan has been quite busy over the past several weeks!  We have done T3 and T4 Mini-Raids in the Veil of Alaris expansion, Attempted a Real Argath Raid for some fun, Destroyed Anguish for Epic Orbs, Continue to gear up in VoA, Promoted members and officers in rank, Laughed endless nights on TeamSpeak and Guild Chat, Hammered out the VoA, HoT, and UF progression content, and Welcomed new members with open arms.

T3 VoA Mini-Raids

We’ve tried to keep an even balance with the Mini-Raids in Beast’s Domain and the Resplendent Temple.  Several of the named mobs in T3 prove to be quite a challenge for a single group of casual players to take down, which makes our mini-raids perfect for these zones.

In the house of thule expansion, players were able to Taskadd through the content and pay for the upgrade to wear Tier 4 Gear (skipping all the other content and challenges).   In the Veil of Alaris Expansion, SOE didn’t make it so easy to gear up.

In order to skip straight to the T4 visible armor you need to have a VoA language of 91 (which is incredibly time consuming and challenging).

However it is much easier to get your T3 gear (language 71 required) and then do the upgrade to T4 (no language needed if you already have the T3 gear).

Because of this, we will spend a great deal of time hammering the T3 zones in our Mini-Raids to help gear our members and ensure a smooth transition to their T4 gear without the pain of getting our language to 91.  Most high end raiders are even following this plan.

T4 VoA Mini-Raids

As always, we want to challenge and enjoy ourselves in the tough content while having some laughs.  Our first Mini-Raid was in Windsong for a chance to test our skills at a popular camp for a pet focus earring and a very nice AC Aug.

The Pet Focus earring is a very nice upgrade for the Mage, Beast, and Necromancers which will allow them to use their pets for tanks.  Several members are now able to use their Pets efficiently as tanks even on the tough T3 and even T4 VoA named mobs. Shesh!

We will continue to do Mini-Raids in the T4 Zones, however a strong majority of our focus will be in T3. Most of our players still need the T3 gear so they can make the easy upgrade to T4 without needing 91 language. Sooo much to do with this expansion.

T1 VoA – Argath Raid

I received word from several players that the T1 Argath Raid is definitely possible for a casual guild.  Well, for giggles we wanted to give it a shot.

We had lower numbers than usual when we attemped the raid but still wanted to give it a go.  With an average of 19-20 characters in raid (several boxers) it proved to be too few in numbers for the “W”.

The first attempt was to test a tanking technique with the Static Raid Mob (Catch aggro, back away, get summoned, rinse and repeat).  Needless to say that trick didn’t work as well as others boasted and everyone ended up on the bottom of the “Avatar of Steel’s” Shoe. =P

The second attempt was to see if we could keep our main tank (Keshua) alive if we straight up tanked the boss and kept our healers out of the AE range.  We executed it beautifully and kept the tank up, however just didn’t have the numbers in raid to handle the extra adds and other dynamics.  Even though it was a second wipe, we still had a great time and enjoyed learning some new techniques.

Anguish Epic 2.0 Orb Runs

A few of us have been clearing Anguish for the Epic Orbs and for a chance at the BP clickie off of OMM which still holds a strong value in the game today.  Because of the long lock-out timer (4 days), the Raids have been on Friday afternoon.  If you are in need of the 2.0 orb, please let an officer know.

EverQuest Officer Promotions (Pak Guardian)

Welcome Didgar to the Officer Circle! Didgar has been a strong influence in the Pak Community, has helped countless members, and upheld the Pak honor in the very highest.

If anyone needs help with their J5 flagging missions, needs an alt invited, help with the guild bank, class related questions, has questions or any problems please don’t hesitate to ask him.

You can also catch Didgar on TeamSpeak most evenings.

Update on Speedbumpp (Gankerr): I spoke with Speedbumpp on the phone a few days ago and he is still settling into his new house.  It should only be a few more weeks before he returns in full force!

Update on Sevaril: Sev is going to be taking an extended leave from the game to focus on Real Life, Family, and Kids (as should we all sometimes). We will really miss his in depth mechanics of the game, grouping, assistance with the guild, and of course his SOE conspiracy theory.  =P.  We wish you the best and hope to see ya soon.

Pak’Cafan on TeamSpeak

If you don’t have a TeamSpeak3 loaded up you are “missing out!” lol.  The Pak officers, members, and even cubs are logging into TS every night and having an absolute blast.  It really brings us closer together and of course saves a TON of typing.  There are so many stories we share that you just couldn’t type or read the emotion in text.

If you haven’t loaded up TeamSpeak we strongly encourage you to do so!  Even if you don’t have a microphone, you can still listen in.

We just ask that all players be respectful and please refrain from swearing since most players have children in the room while they are playing EverQuest.

Welcome to our Newest Members!

Pak’Cafan stays healthy with a new batch of Cubs every month.  As players retire or focus on real life, new ones come in.  We pride ourselves in Pak’Cafan for getting to know everyone and helping out when possible.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Interested in Joining Pak’Cafan?

Pak’Cafan is always looking to grow and extend are arms to new players who are mature, independent, and understands the basics of their class.

Pak’Cafan is a large multi-gaming community that  was brought to life by a group of friends and allies in 1999. The guild began in EverQuest, but as other gaming worlds were created, Pak’Cafan introduced shards to meet these new challenges. There are three primary virtues around which we, the members of Pak’Cafan, set our beliefs: Honor, Courage, and Family. This set of core values can be found in our guild and our members in every game Pak plays. We are a tight-knit community that enjoys playing together and raiding in a fun way. Pak is filled with people from all over the world, but our members primarily reside in North America.

Over the years, Pak’Cafan has taken on many rolls.  We are currently a Causal Style Gaming Guild amongst friends and family in the land of Norrath.  If you are looking for a guild with mature players who enjoy sitting back, kicking off their shoes, and enjoy groupable content without the pressures of raiding… this could be a great home for you.  We have a large variety of members with different play styles and many of them enjoy grinding in end-game zone content.  Pak’Cafan also has several boxers and a strong majority of us enjoy learning the various classes with alt characters.

If you would like to learn more about Pak’Cafan or Make an Application, Please Click HERE.


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
[EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]


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