EverQuest 13th Anniversary

Popular Anniversary Quests
Infiltrating the Guardian (Gear/Aug) : 4 Different AC Augs
Stealing My Life Back (Gear/Aug) : 4 Different AC Augs
Glowing Lena Fete Rune (Aug) : Scavenger Hunt in the Player Village: 30AC Aug
Brick of Knowledge (Port Clickie): Long Refresh Timer, but useful!
Ceremonial Elixir (100% XP)
Gifts of Steel (Aug Reward – Any Level Can do this!)
A Glowing Emerald (Explore the Guild Hall – Get a nice HP/Mana Aug)

Anniversary Group Task: Summoning the Master
Anniversary Shared Task: Breaking Mirrors
Anniversary Shared Task: Ferocious Feralings
Anniversary Shared Task: Responsible Mining
Anniversary Shared Task: Rumor Has It
Anniversary Shared Task: Step on a Crack
Anniversary Shared Task: The Lady of Elks
Anniversary Solo Task: A Cat-tastrophe
Anniversary Solo Task: Improper Boating Attire
Anniversary Solo Task: Lucky 13
Anniversary Solo Task: Music For a Weary Soul
Anniversary Solo Task: Not For the Rabbit
Anniversary Solo Task: Spider’s Bite
Anniversary Group Task: A Different Perspective (Monster Mission – All other Quests required before you can hail)

Comments: If the quests don’t keep ya busy enough, the Rare Spawns, Fabled Mobs, and a 30% XP bonus should keep you satisfied! Be sure to check the Station Cash page as items are usually given away during the anniversary events.


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
[EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]


~ by GRIMSTONE on March 20, 2012.

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