Pak’Cafan Raiding

Hail Pak!

We’ve been so busy in the game, its been a while since I’ve had a chance to update the website!

Though we are a casual style family guild that spends most of our time in group content, we do enjoy gathering up our forces.  Once a week; members get together for some fun, fellowship, and to test their skills in the Land of Norrath.  Raiding is never required, yet encouraged to bring us closer together as a family.  To keep the pressures of raiding down to a minimum, we’ve enjoyed raiding in older content and revisited zones that players never got a chance to see.  Along the way, we’ve also tried to target some key raids to get players clickies that still prove useful in the current content.

Non-the-Less, we’ve all enjoyed our 1x a week raids and have an absolute blast chatting it up on TeamSpeak!

Raid Days / Times: Thursday at 8:30pm EST and occasional pickup raids on Saturday.

Interested in Joining Pak’Cafan for some Fun and Fellowship? – Just visit the Pak’Cafan Forums, Create an ID, and Fill out an Application!  Any problems, questions, or concerns and you can always ask for an officer online.

Pak’Cafan Raids: Successful Targets in 2012

Raid Expedition: Asylum of Anguish – SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Graniteclaw– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Redfang– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Wailing Sisters– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Hatchet the Torturer– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Devlin Rochester– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Roley and Adrianna– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: The Performer– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Tris Wallow III– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 3: The Master– SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Halls of Fire – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Ice Constructs – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Keepers of Stone – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Kildrukaun – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Tjudawos – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Zeixshi`Kar – SUCCESS
Temple of Bertoxxulous: Queen Malarian – SUCCESS
Blackburrow Raid: Stop the Ascension – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: Bloody Kithicor – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: A Council Divided – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Claiming Felbane the Dragon Slayer – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Field of Scale – Final Confrontation – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: The Fall of Toskirakk – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Showdown at the Crystal Core – SUCCESS
Rathe Council Chambers Event #2: Eriak’s Downfall – SUCCESS
Rathe Council Chambers Event #1: The Brothers Zek – SUCCESS
Mindshear Avatar (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Pallorax the Soul Slayer (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Venom Lord Ksathrax (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons (Annual Event) – Aug Received
Giants, Giants, Giants (Annual Event) – Aug Received
Living Legacy Raid #1: Marathon (Special Event) – Aug Received
Living Legacy Raid #4: Battle Prowess (Special Event) – Aug Received
Anniversary Task: Maximum Capacity – Aug Received
Anniversary Task: Parts is Parts – Aug Received
Raid Expedition: Fippy’s Revenge – 62% (First attempt)
Raid Expedition: Illdaera’s Vengeance – 66% (Pak only)
Raid Expedition: Illdaera’s Vengeance – SUCCESS (Pickup Raids)

Pak’Cafan Mini-Raids in 2012

(Gather in Raid Format for some fun and gear in Group Content).

VoA Tier 2
Sarith, City of Tides

VoA Tier 3
Beasts’ Domain
Resplendent Temple

VoA Tier 4
Erillion, City of Bronze
Windsong Sanctuary
Sepulcher of Order
Sepulcher East

Pak’Cafan Raid Screenshots 2012


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
Guild Leader: EverQuest Shard

~ by GRIMSTONE on September 25, 2012.

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