Pak’Cafan & Unbroken Bonds Fun Raid

Hail Pak!

On 10/4/12 we gathered up with Unbroken Bonds for some fun and fellowship.  The first raid was “The Fall of Toskirakk” and the second scheduled was “Fippy’s Revenge”.  It was a great learning experience on the new raids and a blast meeting new people.  We look forward too many more adventures together!

Raid Results:
Raid Expedition: The Fall of Toskirakk – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: Fippy’s Revenge – 62%

Comments: We pretty much went in blind for these raids and had a fun time learning on-the-fly.  Everyone was on point with communication via TeamSpeak and once we learned the basic strat…. Tosk DID FALL!.  We also knew that Fippy is actually a very challenging raid, even with today’s current gear.  The first attempt was a wipe, but after looking at the parses we have some new strats to adapt on the next wave. Cant wait!

Special thanks to Spliffy for doing the prequests in order to hail the raid.


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
Guild Leader: EverQuest Shard


~ by GRIMSTONE on October 5, 2012.

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