About Pak’Cafan

What is Pak’Cafan?

Pak’Cafan is a large multi-gaming community that  was brought to life by a group of friends and allies in 1999. The guild began in EverQuest, but as other gaming worlds were created, Pak’Cafan introduced shards to meet these new challenges. There are three primary virtues around which we, the members of Pak’Cafan, set our beliefs: Honor, Courage, and Family. This set of core values can be found in our guild and our members in every game Pak plays. We are a tight-knit community that enjoys playing together and raiding in a fun way. Pak is filled with people from all over the world, but our members primarily reside in North America.

Pak’Cafan is a mult-gaming community with countless members spread through a variety of games and adventures. Pak’Cafan was originally created with 8 Officers; Peregryn, Aalek, Kinek, Cougar, Ashirae, Feraldenar, Ainin, and Nurgar

The original meeting

p.s. Yes, 1 officer was missing that meeting. Nurgar (not pictured) makes the “n”

Current Leaders/Officers

Kshipper (Guild Leader/Master Tradeskill)
Keshua (Guild Officer)
Didgar (Guild Officer)
Droth (Guild Officer)

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