Anniversary – Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

Note: This mission is ONLY available during the Anniversary Events (middle of March each year).

The Beginning:

This is a special raid in the style of the Living legacy Raids, which became available April 13, 2009 as part of EverQuest’s 10th Anniversary events. It is unknown how long this event will be available.

It begins with Grusal the Emissary of Rallos in the Plane of Knowledge.

– This mission can be done in either a GROUP or RAID format. Mercenaries are not allowed on this mission. When you are formed up and ready to start; target Grusal the Emissary of Rallos and “/say brave”.

– To zone in “/say die”

Mighty beasts and children of the crystalline goddess Veeshan, dragons have always commanded respect and fear from Norrathian adventurers. For years, would-be dragon slayers have coveted their glittering hordes and feared their crushing claws. Prove your mettle in the newest encounter for the 10th anniversary. Make your way through the dragons of Norrath, starting with Lord Nagafen and culminating with the mighty Kerafyrm. Group and raid-sized versions both promise to test the abilities of all levels of adventurers. Top the leaderboard with your fastest time!

The reward is a Gold Plated Spiked Gear Model of varying power, depending on how many dragons your group or raid manages to kill. Plus, you also get a Gold Plated Contact Spring Model “xxx” (power varies on how far you get in the raid).

Dragon Waves:

1. Lord Nagafen

2. Lady Vox

3. a dracoliche – “Aggro the golems and get a death-touch”

4. Gorenaire – “Run through the tunnel to find her”

5. Trakanon – “Does not banish in this instance”

6. Phara Dar

7. Lord Yelinak

8. Vulak`Aerr

9. The four warders of Sleeper’s Tomb

10. Quarm – “Igore the adds (high hitpoints). Beat down Quarm and go to the next dragon”.

11. Kessdona the Enlightened – “Tracking is KEY! – Find the correct Kessdona Guardian on track and kill ONLY that one (refresh track on re-pops) while main tank beats down the dragon. Kill the wrong add, and the dragon regenerates.

12. Yar`Lir the Living Storm – The doors LOCK when the dragon is at 95% health. Also, don’t aggro Yar’Lir until the raid is ready (he casts an AE that will hit players at zone-in).

13. Ashenback Eggs called “a magma cradle” spawn on the platform ABOVE Ashenback. (If these eggs are not destroyed, adds spawn). Summons multiple “Spirits of flame” during the encounter. [Ignore the eggs, does not affect the raid]

14. Shar`Drahn

15. Tsikut

16. Vishimtar the FallenRemove any damage shield buffs you may have before engaging. “Make an emote: “/say shoulder my burden”

– 75% Health: Four incorporeal shadows spawn. If an incorporeal shadow (low hits; low hitpoints) is killed, a lifedrain shadow (hits for 2000; flurries) spawns in its place.

– After ~3-6 minutes, tainted eggs begin spawning at somewhat random intervals (~75-120 seconds). Only blunt weapons have an effect on eggs. If they are not killed in good time, several corrupted drakelings (hit for ~1200; flurry) will spawn.

– 50% Health: Four corrupted drakes spawn. They are snareable and should be kited, as they respawn immediately upon being killed.

-25% Health: Vishimtar begins casting Creeping Doom (DoT) at 45 second intervals. Four random players will be hit at a time. This spell must be cured within ~48 seconds of it hitting otherwise the affected player will be DEATHTOUCHED. To cure, say “shoulder my burden” to one of the mournful spirits roaming the perimeter of the cavern.

*** For each player cured of the DT, Vishimtar can be damaged another 1% ***.

*** Killing a “cloud of concentrated chaos will fill up everyone’s health and mana ***.

Click HERE for additional information on this strategy.

17. Lethar (the second version, alongside Selay the Brokenwing).

To Start the Fight: Lethar says ‘You will not deny me the right to the Scale of Veeshan! Leave this place, or [die].’

You say, ‘You will die!’

Lethar blinds the raid (briefly) and attacks in dragon form.

KEY TO RAID: You will also have to contend with a MIRRORSCALE DRAKE throughout the entire encounter. This drake is unattackable and will move to different locations around Lethar. Lethar must be kept facing AWAY from the drake. If he is facing the drake when his frontal AE goes off, the drake will reflect it onto the rest of the raid.

– 75% Health: Lethar will go inactive and move down the hallway. This resets his aggro, so watch out. Also at this point, Selay the Brokenwing goes ACTIVE.

– 50% Health: he again goes inactive and moves down the hallway. Another drake spawns, this one called “a thunder breath drake” goes ACTIVE. It cannot be attacked and moves around to various locations AEing a large DD spell: Decrease Hitpoints by 12000

– 25% Health: Lethar moves to his final position. Selay leaves the fight at this point.

Keep it up until he is dead.
Click HERE for additional information on this strategy.

18. Big Bynn I – Click HERE for additional information on this strategy.

19. Brood Mother Visziaj – Click HERE for additional information on this strategy.

20. Kerafyrm the Awakened – Click HERE for additional information on this strategy.


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
[EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]
90th Shaman, 90th Ranger, 90th Bard


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