BLOCKING SPELLS: Help your Cleric Merc Heal

Do you have problems with your Cleric Mercenary Healing?

Solution: Remove the Ineffective Heals your Cleric Merc is trying to use.

Step 1. Block Ineffective Spells on yourself AND pets

EQ players—>Character Button—>Blocked Buffs—> Type in the following
EQ players—>Character Button—>Blocked Pet Buffs—> Type in the following

1. Complete Heal (Outdated and slow cast)
2. Promised Recuperation (Good spell, but not when your hit hard for 7-8k+)
3. Devout Elixir (Heal over time)

With those 3 spells blocked the merc will now cast the following spells:
1) Devout Light  (10k heal)
2) Frenetic Renewal (13k heal with some cure components)
3) Elixir of Expiation (Group Heal Over Time. Helpful against the AE’ing mobs)
4) Twelfth Night (low HP quick heal)

Comments: Your cleric can cast any of the 7 spells listed above.  In several scenarios, the first 3 listed above are too innefective when getting hit by high level mobs.  By blocking the first 3 spells (Complete Heal, Promised Recuperation, and Devout Elixir) on yourself AND your pets, the Cleric Merc will cast the more effective heals which is better suited for todays mobs.

If you do NOT have the spells blocked on yourself AND your pets: The cleric merc will occasional cast a Heal Over Time and then NOT HEAL until the timer has run out.  In other scenarios, they will cast “Complete Heal”, which is too slow of a heal.

Side Note: EVERYONE in the group must have the first 3 spells blocked for this to work.  If you have 1 member in the group who doesn’t have those spells blocked, the cleric will contine casting the ineffective spells and you won’t get any benefits.

Example 1: If player 1 has Devout Elixir Block, but player 2 doesn’t.  The merc could cast “Devout Elixir” and only player 2 gets the actual heal.

Example 2: If all members in the group have the first 3 spells (Complete Heal, Promised Recuperation, and Devout Elixir) blocked, the Merc Cleric will cast the quicker and more effective heals.

Step 2. Have 2 Merc Clerics in the Group?

Comments: Cleric Mercenaries do not coordinate well.  Have 1 set to “Reactive” and the other set to “Balanced”

Example 1: If both Cleric Mercs are set to “Reactive” they will try to cast the same heal at the same time.  If they both cast a HOT heal, 1 will get over written and the tanks will suffer grealty.

Example 2: If you have 1 merc set to “Reactive” and the other set to “Balanced”, the mercs will cast their heals on different intervals and give you more consistent healing throughout the fight.

Example 3: If you have 3 clerics mercs in your group; set 1 to “Reactive” and the other 2 to “Balanced”.

Step 3. Is there a Fast Way to Block and Unblock Spells?

Comments: YES there is.  Always remember.  When you have a PLAYER CLERIC in your group, you want to make sure you have the spells Unblocked.  Players will of couse use better judgement on when and when not to use the spells.  So be sure to have the spells unblocked if you get a real cleric in your group.

Please make macros for a quick way to “Block” and “Unblock” the Cleric Spells.

To “Block” the Ineffective Merc Cleric Spells at the same time: /blockspell add me 13 18272 18254
To “Unblock” the Ineffective Merc Cleric Spells at the same time: /blockspell remove me 13 18272 18254

To block pet /blockspell add pet 13 18272 18254
To unblock pet /blockspell remove pet 13 18272 18254

Additional Codes and Info for Blocks Spells:

To block Complete Heal: /blockspell add me 13
To unblock Complete Heal: /blockspell remove me 13

To block Promised Recuperation RK III: /blockspell add me 18272
To unblock Promised Recuperation RK III: /blockspell remove me 18272

To block Devout Elixir RK III: /blockspell add me 18254
To unblock Devout Elixir RK III: /blockspell remove me 18254

Earnest Elixir Rk. III — Spell Number 25124 NOTE: 1: Increase Hitpoints v2 by 2787 per tick Casting Time: 3 seconds

Promised Resurgence Rk. III — Spell Number 25167 NOTE: 1: Increase Hitpoints by 17965 2: Increase Hitpoints by 5390 Casting Time:Casting Time:0.25 Duration: 3 ticks
Also please note this is a good spell so its situational on when to block it and is listed last so you can copy all but this spell number if you don’t want to block it.

Elixir of the Ardent Rk. III — Spell Number 25242 NOTE: 1: Increase Hitpoints v2 by 2535 per tick Target Type: Group v1 Casting Time: 4.5 Duration: 4 ticks

To Block all 7 at same time: /blockspell add me 13 18272 18254 25124 25242 2198 2199
To unblock all 7 at same time: /blockspell remove me 13 18272 18254 25124 25242 2198 2199

Step 4. How do you block other annoying spells?

“Blessing of the Harvest” Type: /blockspell add me 2198
“Blessing of the Storm” Type: /blockspell remove me 2199

To block both (AE Food and Water) at the same time: /blockspell add me 2198 2199
To unblock both: /blockspell remove me 2198 2199

3188 = Rod of Mystical Transvergence
2538 = Mass Mystical Transvergence
1503 = Modulating Rod
10700 = Wand of Elemental Transvergence

10763 = Mass Elemental Transvergence
10764 = “” Rank 2
10765 = “” Rank 3

Please be aware: If you block the Rk. III it blocks the entire line.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful info 🙂

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