Guild Charter

What is Pak’Cafan?

Pak’Cafan was brought to life by a group of friends and allies over ten years ago, and is one of the very few guilds that thrives – and succeeds – on a family-oriented casual/hardcore environment, which does include raiding high end content.  Many people say this kind of guild can’t exist, or if it does; it doesn’t last very long.

They would be wrong.  It can, and it does; we are proof of that and there are many in the gaming community that know our name, and what it stands for.

Pak’Cafan began in EverQuest in 1999, and we have continued to build our presence in many of today’s popular games; increasing our membership because of the same core values around which we, the members of Pak’Cafan, set our beliefs: Honor, Respect, and Family.  This set of core values can be found in our guild and in the members of every game Pak plays. We are a tight-knit social community that treats everyone like a member of their family.  Because of Pak’Cafan’s commitment to its core values, we have built a member group that has succeeded where other guilds have failed. Pak’Cafan members have found the way to enjoy playing together in both a casual and hardcore atmosphere, while having fun doing it.  Pak’Cafan is filled with people from all over the world, but a majority of our members primarily reside in North America.

Members of Pak’Cafan are expected to show Honor and Respect towards others at all times, and to put the needs of the Guild and other members before themselves.  Pak’Cafan members are typically students and  working adults who may or may not have families.. With that in mind, if you prefer the “l337 D00d” style of play, Pak’Cafan is not the guild for you. We are not an “elitist” guild nor an “uber, wtfpwnyou” guild. Our goals may be high in what we want to build, but we will obtain these goals through our time-proven method: honest and honorable means through a dedicated, family oriented guild team.

We refer to our core values as Pak Values. Honor, Respect, and Family and by extension; Integrity, Morals, Ethics and Honesty are the center of our structure. We work to advance the guild as a whole, for the sum of the parts is always stronger.

Pak’Cafan seeks to build a strong membership base in every game we play in.  The representation of the guild in these games, or shards, are built from the ground up using the same process.  Each new shard strives to match what we have done in previous shards and the progress that is made from day one is directly related to the high quality of members and leaders that we have. Pak is not a guild that randomly invites members because they don’t have a guild tag, nor do we perform quick invites. There is a process to join our ranks and a reason for this process. If you are seeking a quick invite, this is not the guild for you.

We believe that membership is a two way street. New recruits must take a look at our policies and processes to determine if this guild is right for them, and in turn, we need to find out if they are a good fit in our ranks. Being a Pak member requires integrity, morals, ethics and honesty. We value every member like a member of our own family. We are not selfish and are all willing to help one another out before we ask for help ourselves. Whenever possible, we seek guild-mates to fill openings in groups before looking to those outside the guild.

Current Leaders/Officers

Kshipper (Guild Leader/Master Tradeskill)
Keshua (Guild Officer)
Didgar (Guild Officer)
Droth (Guild Officer)

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