Guild Code of Conduct

Pak’Cafan Code of Conduct

The Pak’Cafan values of Honor, Respect, and Family and by extension; Integrity, Morals, Ethics and Honesty, should give a reasonable indication of what is, and is not allowable. We strive to conduct ourselves using these values.  Membership in Pak’Cafan is a privilege, not a right.  Membership can be revoked if leadership feels it is in our best interest.  Anyone tagged to the guild is expected to follow the rules and respect the spirit of the guild charter.

Honor and Respect your guild-mates and treat them as you would your family.

Pak’Cafan has existed for more than a decade, with our history and experience spanning over many different games. Pak has endured because of its diligent leadership and promotion of a fun and respectful gaming environment. That being said, each and every Cub and member needs to remember that such an environment does not happen by mistake; it’s the result of each person being responsible for their actions and following the below rules and guidelines.

The purpose of this document is to lay out clearly defined rules and expected behavior for all Pak Cubs and full members.  While not every situation can be specifically detailed, these rules and guidelines should outline the type of behavior that is, and is NOT allowed in the guild at any given time.

Core Rules (a single violation may lead to guild removal or, at the very least, disciplinary action)
– You may not use threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or terms and comments of a sexual nature are not allowed.  If you are unsure that a comment is appropriate, keep it to yourself.  Personal attacks (verbal or otherwise) against any player, inside the guild or out, will NOT be tolerated.
– Excessive swearing is generally frowned upon.  As an adult guild, it happens on occasion; but restrict its use and do not be inconsiderate of those in channel.
– Do NOT steal, Period!
– No deliberate ninja’ing of loot (taking loot that you didn’t legitimately win via established loot rules), whether you are in a guild group or not.  Should leadership be contacted by another player/guild, the situation will be investigated.  Should any Pak member be found to have taken loot that they did not earn during any kind of group event, disciplinary action will be taken.
– Do NOT exploit or cheat the game.  If you find or learn about an exploit or bug within the game you are expected to hold yourself above using it for personal gain, even if the gain is not monetary.
– Do NOT lie, con, or cheat other players, whether they are guild-mates or not.  Running schemes where you will profit from the guild or the general server population are not allowed.

Basically, if you can get your account suspended or banned for it, you will most likely get kicked out of the guild for it.

Basic Rules (a core ideal of the guild; violation of a rule can lead to disciplinary action or eventual guild removal)
– Pak’Cafan members should respect the rights of others and their right to play the game how they choose.
– No Drama

  • – Personal Conflicts should be kept out of guild chat or general chat, period!
  • – Work together, not against one another.  If you cannot work something out, bring it to leadership immediately!.  Do not wait or let things fester or engage in gossip.
  • – Removing oneself from the guild without prior explanation or threatening to remove oneself, are considered acts of drama and/or secrecy and will not be tolerated.
  • – No one member is better than any other. Pak is not elitist. Do not promote an exclusionary environment.

– The Guild Bank is for everyone to use; please be respectful and share the contents with others in the guild.  Items cannot be taken from the bank to be sold.  Leadership, however, may choose to sell unclaimed or duplicate items to bolster guild funds.  Any item removed from the guild bank must be usable by that character for a specific purpose.
– Guild Members may NOT profit off other guild members. We are a family; we have learned to give without receiving in return. Should a guild-mate insist on rewarding you for your efforts then you may accept them, but do NOT assume you will be rewarded for your actions/generosity.
– “Double-tagging” or “dual-guilding” is generally not allowed, with the exception of an “alt guild” for storage. Any member that is found to be part of another guild on the same server and faction will be asked to choose which one they will remain a member of.  Membership with guilds outside Pak’s primary server/faction in any given game will be reviewed by the shard leader on a case by case basis.

Guidelines (encouraged behavior that is in line with the image that Pak’Cafan wishes to project)
– Respond to guild chat.  Everyone enjoys a response, even if it only a “hello.”
– Members of Pak’Cafan are a part of a family and are strongly encouraged to help each other out.
– We highly encourage you to be active both in the guild, on the forums, and in TeamSpeak where applicable.  Pak is a social organization, and we strive to provide multiple ways for our members to communicate and remain up to date.
– All members of Pak’Cafan shards are asked to use an authenticator to prevent others from stealing from you and the guild, should the game provide one.
– Most guild members offer to pay for services rendered or required materials.  Many of our crafters will wave any fees or charge the minimum cost to cover materials.  Always be prepared to compensate our crafters and never assume that you’ll get something for free.
– The guild bank is to be used primarily for main characters, but exceptions can be made.  If you wish to use bank items for an alt, please consult with leadership.  Crafting mats are available for use, but don’t take large amounts of items to level your skill.  Guild bank mats are primarily used by crafters who are making something for someone in the guild and do not have the mats on hand, or in preparation of guild events.  In all cases, please make an attempt to replace any mats you use.
– The guild bank is not your secondary storage area. Please do not use the guild bank as your means of storing extra items for yourself. Once an item goes into the guild bank it becomes property of Pak’Cafan.

While you wear our Guild tag, you are our representative. Pak’Cafan has always maintained an image of friendly professionalism that has earned the respect of other gaming guilds worldwide. Our members are fiercely loyal, and Pak’Cafan is a guild you can be proud to be a part of and will hopefully be the last guild you will ever want to join.  Your actions in-game are representative of Pak’Cafan at all times.   It goes without saying that racial comments and certain political and religious topics should be avoided in both guild chat and open public chat. We trust you to use your better judgment and common sense in dealing with others in the game. Keep in mind that your actions, both positive AND negative, reflect Pak’Cafan as a whole and could adversely affect our reputation both on the local server and within the gaming community as a whole.

If your real life family member asks for assistance, and you are not busy, you would normally help. The same applies to Pak’Cafan, as we are a family. We wish to discourage the formation of cliques that will only assist members of their group. Get to know everyone and help them out. Crafting items, instance groups, quest/leveling help, build and tactic advice and guidance are but some of the things that you can do the help out your family.   Formed groups and unofficial raids are usually open-invitation, but raid groups are usually more structured.  Since we are a family, we hope that you will attempt to group within the guild first before pugging an instance or raid. In the event that you either; cannot make the event times, or other members are too busy for what you wish to do, feel free to PuG. Try to not lock yourself to an instance that the guild may have scheduled, so that you can assist if needed.  Please refrain from pugging with the same guild consistently unless approved by Pak leadership.

We all have real lives outside the game, so we know that things come up, get in the way, or sometimes take you right out of the game. As such, we would appreciate any notification should you be unable to attend a scheduled event that you committed to, or if you need to take a hiatus for any reason. Full members that are inactive for a set amount of time may be removed from the in-game roster. Cubs that are inactive within a shard for a specific time frame are removed and the application closed. Full members returning to an active shard will be automatically re-invited once their membership can be confirmed. Cubs returning from their hiatus will be judged on a case by case basis.

We have created an environment where you can look forward to sitting down after work or school and relaxing with friends. However, there will always be an opportunity for disagreement, and we understand that sometimes not everyone will get along. If you have an issue with someone, address it and get it resolved, or bring it to an Officer’s attention. Should an Officer be forced to intercede because an issue is becoming public, the Officer will do their best to close the issue, but know that those involved will be spoken to privately with information being logged regarding the event.  In some cases, disciplinary action may be taken. In extreme cases, shard leadership can escalate an issue to the Inner Council for assistance.  By no means should any Member or Officer try to sway the opinion of another regarding someone they don’t get along with.

Continuous need for leadership intervention or issues severe enough may deem that a member be removed from the guild completely.  This is done only after discussion within the shard’s leadership team, and no officer can remove a member without the discussion taking place and there being a unanimous decision.  Only the Alpha/Beta can remove a member on the spot, and only then in severe circumstances in which they must be able to back up their decision.

Guild leadership highly encourages input from it’s members at all times.  If you have a question, a concern, or even a better way to do something please don’t hesitate to contact your leadership team.  We want to hear from you and we don’t want problems to go unresolved as this leads to rumors and hard feelings.  Leadership may not always be able to correct an issue right away, but know that all of us will always listen and work to make your experience with this guild a memorable one.

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