Guild Raiding

The EverQuest Shard is a casual gaming guild that enjoys grouping with others in a like-minded family style friendship.  There are no raid attendance requirements, no DKP loot system (All loot-is-need before greed), and our main focus is to enjoy the game while keeping away from the chores and pressure of mandatory raids.

Most “Progression Raids” require a large number of balanced players (30-50 players), flagging, timing and precision with strategy, high level characters/gear, and a good chunk of time to ensure success.

To meet the needs of our Pak’Cafan members, cut down on extended game time, and save frustration with the casual style gamer; the EverQuest shard designed “Mini-Raids” to satisfy our appetite of large grouping.  Mini-Raids are smaller and less time consuming than the standard scripted progression raids.

We gather in Raid Format (No Mercenaries) and target 1-2 zones a week (20+ members) for a bit of fun, good gear, and of course bonding with our guildies. 

Pak’Cafan Raids: Successful Targets in 2012

Raid Expedition: Asylum of Anguish – SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Graniteclaw– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Redfang– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Wailing Sisters– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 1: Hatchet the Torturer– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Devlin Rochester– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Roley and Adrianna– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: The Performer– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 2: Tris Wallow III– SUCCESS
Demiplane Tier 3: The Master– SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Halls of Fire – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Ice Constructs – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Keepers of Stone – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Kildrukaun – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Tjudawos – SUCCESS
Crystallos Event: Zeixshi`Kar – SUCCESS
Temple of Bertoxxulous: Queen Malarian – SUCCESS
Blackburrow Raid: Stop the Ascension – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: Bloody Kithicor – SUCCESS
Raid Expedition: A Council Divided – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Claiming Felbane the Dragon Slayer – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Field of Scale – Final Confrontation – SUCCESS
Raid Task: Showdown at the Crystal Core – SUCCESS
Rathe Council Chambers Event #2: Eriak’s Downfall – SUCCESS
Rathe Council Chambers Event #1: The Brothers Zek – SUCCESS
Mindshear Avatar (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Pallorax the Soul Slayer (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Venom Lord Ksathrax (Korafax Raid Expedition) – SUCCESS
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons (Annual Event) – Aug Received
Giants, Giants, Giants (Annual Event) – Aug Received
Living Legacy Raid #1: Marathon (Special Event) – Aug Received
Living Legacy Raid #4: Battle Prowess (Special Event) – Aug Received
Anniversary Task: Maximum Capacity – Aug Received
Anniversary Task: Parts is Parts – Aug Received
Raid Expedition: Illdaera’s Vengeance – 74% (Pak only)
Raid Expedition: Illdaera’s Vengeance – SUCCESS (Pickup Raids)

Pak’Cafan Mini-Raids in 2012

(Gather in Raid Format for some fun and gear in Group Content).

VoA Tier 2
Sarith, City of Tides

VoA Tier 3
Beasts’ Domain
Resplendent Temple

VoA Tier 4
Erillion, City of Bronze
Windsong Sanctuary
Sepulcher of Order
Sepulcher East

Raid Loot Policy

When a valuable Aug or piece of gear drops (either off of a trash mob or named) the item will be displayed in Raid Chat (/rsay) and players may /random 1 1000 if it is an upgrade.

Players are allowed 1 piece of gear/aug a night until everyone has received an item. (OPEN ROLL items do not count as your 1 item).

Once everyone has received a NEED item, players will then be allowed to roll for a second.

Players may roll on as may OPEN ROLL items as they want. Regardless if they have won loot.

Players will refrain from “Junk/Practice” Rolls during the raid.  It is time consuming and confusing for players when members roll on items they do not intend on looting.  Doing so will exclude you from future raids. DON’T DO IT!!

Players are not allowed to roll on items for the intention of giving loot to another player.  Only roll if YOU plan on looting it.

Pak’Cafan will have a designated looter during raids for gems and tradeskill items.  Gems will be sold by the looter and the profits mailed to the Guild Funds.  Trade-skill items will be distributed amongst the crafters. Spells, items, or augs looted off trash mobs will be announced in raid for OPEN ROLL/Need Before Greed.

Players may roll for their Main or Alt characters as long as they meet the loot level requirements. (Have them in camp and setup prior to raid, we will not wait).

Loot Rolling Level Requirements for “NEED” items on the  Mini-Raid

– Tier 1 and 2 VoA (80+)

– Tier 3 VoA (87+)

– Tier 4 VoA (92+)

Loot Rolling Level Requirements for “OPEN ROLL” items on the  Mini-Raid

Players who attend the Mini-Raid and actively participate may roll on the “OPEN ROLL” items.  Level range needs to be within reason and at the discretion of the Raid Leader.

Raid Rolling Sequence: “NEED”

Phase 1 (NEED): The Raid Leader will announce: “Roll NOW for (loot name) /random 1  1000.”

– Please roll promptly or you will miss out.

Phase 2 (NEED – FINAL CALL): Raid Leader will announce: “Roll NOW for (loot name) /random 1  1000. – FINAL CALL“.

– The Raid Leader will grant the item to the highest roller after FINAL CALL is announced.

– The winner is not allowed to roll for another “NEED” item until everyone in the raid has had at least 1 “NEED” loot. Winners can always roll on OPEN ROLL items.

– After all the players have looted 1 item, boards reset and everyone can roll again for a NEED item.

If only 1 player rolls during the NEED Phase, the item will be announced as an OPEN ROLL item. Raid Leader will announce: “Only 1 roll on (loot name), Item is now considered OPEN ROLL. Roll NOW /random 1 1000 – FINAL CALL”

Raid Rolling Sequence: “OPEN ROLL”

If no one rolls for loot during the “NEED” sequence, or there is only 1 roll on a NEED piece of gear, the item then goes to “OPEN ROLL”.

– During this Phase; ANYONE can roll on the item and it does not count as your “1 item of the night”.

– You can roll on as many “OPEN ROLL” items as you want. (1 roll per person regardless of boxing).

– Winner of the OPEN ROLL can still roll for his/her NEED item if they haven’t gotten one yet.

Phase 3 (OPEN ROLL): Raid Leader will announce: “OPEN ROLL on (loot name). Roll NOW /random 1 1000”

– Please roll promptly or you will miss out.

Phase 4 (OPEN ROLL – FINAL CALL): Raid Leader will announce: “OPEN ROLL on  (loot name) – FINAL CALL”

– If there are no rolls during final call, the item will be considered a Rot and either announced to friends or looted for guild tribute.

Raid Etiquette

Raid attendance is not a requirement of Pak’Cafan in the EverQuest Shard. Players that need to leave during a raid due to “real life” circumstances will not be looked down upon.

You will need to be pro-active and make sure to talk to your guildmates, officers, read the MoTD in game, and stay active on the forums to find out what the target is and where you need to be. Arrive early to the meeting spot and send a tell to the Raid Leader who is doing the raid invites. It is announced often in guild chat who that is. It is also your responsibility to inform your Raid leader when you plan to show up to the raid and when you leave the raid.

Most of our raid targets are clearing trash to spawn named mobs. The Guild Leader, Raid Leader, and/or Officers will loot the trash mobs. Vender loot will be sold and the profits will be placed in the guild funds to help future guildies. Others will only loot when directed by an Officer.

Officer Tells: PLEASE do NOT send tells to the Officers or Raid Leader unless it is for a Raid Invite or directly impacting the raid itself. Most of the officers are 3-4 boxing, Main Tanking, Pulling for the Raid, Organizing the Groups, Formulating the Strategy and Managing TeamSpeak. It gets a bit overwhelming when players are sending additional chatter that is not raid related. We prefer members who are in raid to log into TeamSpeak (Even of you do not have a Microphone).

TeamSpeak: It is STRONGLY recommended for Pak members attending the Raid to TeamSpeak installed. Click HERE if you have not done so already. This will ensure solid communication, execute strategy as planned, and build fellowship amongst your guildmates.

When you are logged into TeamSpeak, please keep excessive chit-chat to a minimum to allow the channel open for the puller to call mobs, direct the raid, and to make sure we stay efficient.

Tagging Pulls: Only the Main tank should be tagging pulls. The Guild Banner will be placed as necessary to mark where the guild should not go past.

Breaking Mezzes: Only the Main Tank, Designated Off-Tank, or Puller should be breaking mezzes. Please listen closely in /rsay (Raid Chat) or on TeamSpeak for the target mobs. Also be sure to be using /assist. Failure to comply may result in a wipe. Repeat offenses will exclude you from raid.

Raid Critical Alts: At times, the Raid requires a specific class such as a tank, puller, or clerics that a player doesn’t wish to play that night. Anyone who logs in a Raid Critical Alt may park a separate character in zone and roll on that item for the character of their choice. Again, they may receive up to 1 item in a night or until everyone has a piece.

Buffs: Please do not ask for buffs in Raid Chat. If there are specific buffs that you need, find the appropriate person and send them a tell. Doing so will greatly reduce the amount of clutter in Raid Chat. Also, please save your “Mass Group Buff” timers when possible for raid.

Extended AFKs: Frequent or Unannounced AFKs, Extended AFK’s for the sole purpose of mooching XP, and inattention to your job as a player in group are undesirable behaviors that reflect poorly as a Pak Member and will deeply impact a new Cub’s Evaluation. If you know you are going to be AFK for longer than 10-15 minutes, be sure to disband so you don’t mooch the xp. Before leaving a group, try to find a replacement so the group doesn’t have to disband. It is also polite to give the group a 30-minute warning before you leave if possible. We understand that real life happens. Just please be respectful and keep good communication with your group.

Hail: During raids you are NOT to hail any mobs unless told to by the Raid Leaders.

Sample Raid Screen Shots








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