How To Game Parse

Now first things first, i’m going to explain what parsing is and what GamParse does.

Parsing is when you use a program to read/dissect/de-encrypt the everquest logs. Once a program does this, it spits the information back out onto a GUI(For those of you who don’t know what this is, a GUI is a Graphic User Interface, basically the GamParse screen that opens up) for you to interpret. Not only does it make the information readable by you but the program also makes calculations, averages different scores together and so on and so forth.

With this you can find your average dps in many different ways, as well has how much health you are losing per a second, and a lot more. Gamparse is one of these programs that does this for you. From what i have heard myself this is the most popular parsing program out there although i have seen many others myself.

Once running, GamParse is easy to use and understand with a little bit of an overwhelming feelings that qualls shortly after. With this program, you can improve your gameplay in every aspect, you can work for that higher dps, test 2 pieces of gear when your not sure which to pick, check different weapons and spells, etc.


1) Open your browser and go to

2) Click on “GamParse” and this will open up a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, select “downloads“. This will open up a page with a link to the download.

3) On the download page, under “GamParse v#.#.#”, click the “Download Now” button next to “Package 1: GamParse v1.0.3 with installer“.

4) This will ask you to do 1 of 2 things. Open the “” file or save the “” file.

5) After you’ve either opened the compressed file or saved it then opened it you should see 3 things pop up. A folder called “Application Files”, a file called GamParse.application, and another file called setup.exe. Go ahead and make a folder somewhere on your harddrive and extract these files into that folder. I’m just going to make a folder on my desktop called GamParse and then extract them to my new folder(GamParse on my desktop) for ease of access.

6) Once you’ve extracted the files to your new folder, you can exit everything else you have opened except for this guide, and the folder you just extracted your folders too. I’m putting this in here to make it easier on some of you.

7) Now that you have your folder open, you should see the same files from before, the folder “Application Files”, the file GamParse.application, and the other file “setup.exe”. Go ahead and click, “setup.exe”. This will run the installer for you. Once you have opened it, the first thing that will probably ask for is your permission to run the file with the options “Install” or “Don’t Install”. Click Install.

Congratulations, you have finished installing the program and it should have opened automatically for you.

Running The Program:

1) I’m going to assume that your starting with nothing open but this guide. Go to wherever you installed your GamParse program and open the file GamParse. I installed mine to “C:\Users\Quinn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft”.

2) I’m going to assume you all know how to open up Everquest and log into your characters so go ahead and do that for the character you want to start parsing on.

3) You should now have this tutorial up, your character on EverQuest up, and GamParse up.

4) Go into everquest, and go to your “Options” menu(Alt-O). From here click the “keys” tab. Under “Select Category” click “UI”. Under the “UI” category should be an option called “Paste from Clipboard”. Next to this option under “keypress” click the dotted line and on your keyboard hit the keys “Ctrl+Shift+V”. This should set the “Paste from Clipboard” option to that hotkey.

5) Next, in any chat window type /log on. This will turn the logs on to allow GamParse to read them.

6) After that, everything is EQ is ready. All thats left is to select the log file for GamParse to read. So Alt-Tab out of EQ and go to GamParse. Click File, then go to the option “Monitor log file for new fights only” and select it. This will then ask you to select the log you want GamParse to read. Scroll to the folder Everquest is installed in. The folder is called “Everquest”. Within that folder should be another folder called “Logs”. Within the logs folder should be one of the characters you want to select. For example mine is eqlog_Arigon_drinal.txt. Select and open this file. GamParse should now successfully read your log. My directory/navigation to get to my logs folder will be slightly different then yours but I’ll go ahead and post it here just in case you need a bit of help. “C:\ProgramData\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest\Logs” is my directory.

7) Now that GamParse is reading your log. Go kill something. After that task is complete go back to GamParse and click on the Overview tab. Now select the fight you want to show your friends and click the “Send summary to EQ” button. After you have done this, alt-tab back to EverQuest and type where you want the message to go, for example, if you want to spam Barbadis parses you could just type /tell Barbadis. After you’ve selected where you want your parse to go hit the keys “Ctrl+Shift+V” to paste the parse to your chat window. All thats left to do is hit “Enter/Return” and your parse will be shown to whoever you sent it to.


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  1. Thanks. I have been looking for a clear concise guide on how to make gameparse work for me. This was perfect.

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