J5 Mercenary (Invasion of Earth)

Directions from PoK to Korascian Warrens:
Step 1. Find the “Herald of Druzzil Ro” in PoK (East side of PoK)
Step 2. Target the Herald and /say time (drop invis to hail)
Step 3. When you zone into the Plane of Time, Head Left until you see the White Glowing Warp (Right next to the zone in) – This ports you to the Void.
Step 4. When you zone into the Void, Head to Toskirakk
Step 5. When you zone into Toskirakk, Head to the Korascian Warrens

Click HERE to Download the Maps.

You must complete the following Quests to Receive your J5 Mercenary


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
[EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]


2 Responses to “J5 Mercenary (Invasion of Earth)”

  1. so if u do this u just go to mercs in PoK and ull have the option to get a J5 merc?

  2. Correct: Finish all the missions listed above and any NPC Mercenary Merchant will give you the option of a J5.

    Some J5 Merchant Classes (i.e. Cleric) are only sold by particular races. Example: You can’t have an Ogre as a cleric merc. The mercenary classes and races match the normal game play.

    Faction: Mercenary faction does not matter. You can have a dark elf mercenary and go through a good-race town without any aggro issues.

    Mercenary Class Special Abilities: I’ve been told that Class special abilities do not apply to mercenaries. Ie. a Merc Ogre Tank will not be resistant to frontal stuns.

    Location: PoK is the best spot to pick up a J5, but other zones also have them (ie. Crescent Reach).


    Barbadis Grimstone
    [EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]

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