Old Man McKenzie (Raid)

Old Man McKenzie is at the “Brew Barrel” in PoK (East Side).  /loc +70, +255


Old Man McKenzie (Missions):  The Monster Missions are a series of 3 quests that take place in old school zones; Ancient Heroes – Cursed Guk, Ancient Heroes – Lower Guk, and Ancient Heroes – Nagafen’s Lair.

For more information on the missions, Click HERE.

Old Man McKenzie (Raid): If your character is flagged, 2 Raids that are also available; Ancient Heroes – Lord Nagafen and  Ancient Heroes – Lady Vox.

When zone into the Raid, you will be a level 50 character with old school gear and statistics.

Why Do the Monster Mission Raids?

Ever wonder what it was like to Raid back in 1999 when the Land of Norrath was first explored?  The Classic Monster Mission Raids gives players the chance to raid with oldschool gear and shrouded down to 50 against the first two Raid Dragons; Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox.  The Raid gives players a fun, challenging, and nostalgic experience as well as the chance to gain some loot that still holds value in the game today!

Upon your successful completion of the Ancient Heroes – Lord Nagafen and Ancient Heroes – Lady Vox, additional items will be unlocked that can be purchased with “McKenzie’s Special Brew”.

Lord Nagafen

Lady Vox


Flagging Requirements: Players must have completed 7 “DIFFERENT” Raids listed below to be eligible for the McKenzie Raids.

Solteris: Mayong’s Mistresses
Solteris: Deadly Swarm
Solteris: Stalward Defenders
Solteris: The Captured Portal
Solteris: Portal to Dreadspire
Solteris: The Final Portal
Solteris: Two Gods
Meldrath’s Mansion: Battle Room
Meldrath’s Mansion: Breakneck
Meldrath’s Mansion: Doctor Brinda Sprocket
Meldrath’s Mansion: Krond the Longhorn
Meldrath’s Mansion: Bargangle Tinkerson
Meldrath’s Mansion: Meldrath
Crystallos: Halls of Fire
Crystallos: Keepers of Stone
Crystallos: Ice Constructs
Crystallos: Aerius Windfury
Crystallos: Tjudawos
Crystallos: Kildrukaun
Crystallos: Zeixshi`Kar
Crystallos: Vyskudra
Crystallos: Brood Mother Visziaj
Crystallos: Kerafyrm
Kaesora: A Council Divided
Kurn’s Stronghold: Claiming Felbane the Dragon Slayer
Field of Scale: Jaled Dar’s Sacrifice
Korascian Warrens: Showdown at the Crystal Core
Rathe’s Council Chamber: Eriak’s Downfall
Rathe’s Council Chamber: Rallos Return
Toskirakk: Fall of Toskirakk
Korafax: Pallorax the Soul Slayer
Korafax: Mindshear Avatar
Korafax: Venom Lord Ksathrax
Tower of Discord: The Mindblight
Tower of Discord: Trophy Room
Tower of Discord: Stasis
Tower of Discord: Scrying
Tower of Discord: Sacrifice
Tower of Discord: Overlord Muram
Tower of Discord: Edge of Destruction
Blackburrow: Stop the Ascension (hard)
Kithicor: Bahgresh (hard)
Temple of Bertoxxulous: Queen Malarian (hard)

Level Requirements:

– The Raid Group must have an average of Level 80 and a minimum of 10 people in raid to hail the quest.

– 12 players are required to be in zone to loot the chest.  If there are less than 12 players in zone, the chest will not open and you will be unable to complete the Task.

– If at anytime the average group level drops below 80, a 2-minute timer will start. If the group average is not returned back up to level 80, the task will end and you will need to restart the quest. This will occasionally happen when a low number Raid has a members go <Link Dead>.

Character Selection

Class Selection: There is a maximum of 3 players per class. Chose your class carefully, especially with a low number raid.

Ancient Heroes – Lord Nagafen : Monk, Chanter, Mage, Necro, Shaman, and Clerics are the preferred.

Ancient Heroes – Lady Vox : Monk, Chanter, Mage, Necro, Shaman, and Warriors are preferred.

Spell Setup:

When you zone in: you will see that you are a level 50 character with old school gear and stats. If you selected a caster, you will have to setup your spell “hotkeys”

You can see your spell list by going to your “AA’s” tab.

Dazzle – Single Target Mez
Reoccuring Amnesia – Single Target Blur
Blanket of Forgetfulness – AE Blur
Mesmerization – AE Mez
Allure – Charm
Discordant Mind – DD
Rune IV – Absorb damage
Clarity – Mana Regen
Brilliance – Mana Pool Boost
Paralyzing Earth – Root
Tashania – Debuff
Shiftless Deeds – Slow
See Invisible
Invisibility vs Undead
Swift Like the Wind – Haste
Resist Magic
Group Resist Magic
Adorning Grace – Charisma Buff
Augmentation – Haste
Kintaz’s Animation – Chanter Pet
Arch Shielding – Self Buff

Lava Bolt – Main Nuke
Shock of Swords – Nuke Against Efreeti
See Invis
Shield of Lava – Damage Shield
Great Conjuration Earth – Pet
Burnout III – Self Pet Haste
Arch Shielding – Self Buff
Phantom Plate – Self Buff
Malaisement – Debuff

Ice Comet – Main Nuke
See Invis
Paralyzing Earth – Root
Diamond Skin – Absorb Damage
Arch Shielding – Self Buff

Ignite Bones – Nuke
Drain Soul – Life Tap
Banish Undead – Undead DD
Cascading Darkness – Snare / DoT
Bond of Death – Life Tap DoT
Venom of the Snake – Poison DoT
Dead Man Floating – Levitate/See Invis
Augment Death – Self Pet Haste
Invoke Death – Pet
Paralyzing Earth – Root
Feign Death
Rest the Dead – Pacify Undead Mobs
Cajole Undead – Undead Charm
Diamond Skin – Absorb Damage
Arch Shielding – Self Buff
Grim Aura – Self Buff
Gather Shadows – Self Invis
Invisibility vs Undead
Lich – Drain Health for Mana

Banish Undead – Undead Nuke
Retribution – Any Mob Nuke
Word of Healing – AE Group Heal
Superior Healing
Greater Healing
Complete Heal – Use Rarely
Instill – Root
Force – Stun
Resolution – Buff
Symbol of Naltron – Buff
Counteract Disease
Counteract Poison
Invisibility vs Undead

Greater Healing
Blizzard Blast – DD
Venom of the Snake – Poison DoT
Counteract Poison – Cure
Abolish Disease – Cure
Cannibalize II
Chloroplast – Regen
Alacrity – Haste
Frenzied Spirit – Pet
Togor’s Insects
Resist Magic
Resist Fire
Resist Cold
Guardian – AC Buff
Talisman of Altuna – HP Buff

Starfire – Main DD Nuke
Ice – Nuke – Use on Efreeti
Greater Healing
Superior Camo – Invis
See Invis
Skin like nature – HP buff
Thorncoat – Self only DS
Shield of Thorns – DS
Ensnaring Roots – Root
Pack Chloroplast – Group Regen
Counteract Poison
Counteract Disease


Barbadis Grimstone <Pak’Cafan>
[EverQuest Shard: Guild Leader]


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