Welcome to EverQuest

Hail Pak!

Pak’Cafan was first created in EverQuest by the 8 founding members: Peregryn, Aalek, Kinek, Cougar, Ashirae, Feraldenar, Ainin, and Nurgar back in 1999.  We are now a HUGE Multi-Gaming community that enjoys fellowship and the challenge that the Online Gaming World has to offer.

Currently in EverQuest on the Drinal – Maelin Starpyre Server: We are a casual gaming guild that enjoys grouping with others in a like-minded family style friendship.  There are no attendance requirements, no DKP loot system (All loot-is-need before greed), and our main focus is to enjoy the game while keeping Real Life the priority.

Though we are no longer classified as a raiding guild on the EverQuest Shard, we do “Mini-Raids” one time a week (15-20+ members in a difficult zone in raid style) in the House of Thule Expansion for a bit of fun, gear, and of course bonding with our guildies.

We have an average of 15-30+ players on at any given time throughout the day/evenings and enjoy every minute of game time.

If you are a returning Pak’Cafan member or have interest in Joining Pak’Cafan please click HERE and contact one of the officers either in game or on the Pak Forums.

Current Leaders/Officers

Kshipper (Guild Leader/Master Tradeskill)
Keshua (Guild Officer)
Didgar (Guild Officer)
Droth (Guild Officer)


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